Yooka-Laylee Release News is Just the Tonic

Except for Wii U owners…

Playtonic games have confirmed their intended release date for Kickstarter project Yooka-Laylee, and have rather sensibly stated that the Wii U version of the game is now off the table.

Whilst this is fully understandable, it’s nonetheless a little sad, as the Wii U would have been the perfect home for a game harking back to the N64 days. It looks like just one more nail in the coffin for the doomed console, but on a brighter note, Playtonic did confirm that a Nintendo Switch version is being explored instead. With the Switch expected to debut in March 2017, this seems like the only logical option for the developers.

Apparently the Wii U canning is only down to “technical issues” with the game running on the Wii U’s rather unorthodox architecture, although Playtonic didn’t specify any issues in detail.

PS4, Xbox One & PC owners can expect the game to hit the shelves on April 11th 2017, and for non-Kickstarter backers the game will cost £34.99/$39.99/€39.99.

Anyone who pre-orders the game now can enjoy the downloadable “toybox” mode, made available today. A feature that some PC early backers have already got a chance to explore, and one which Playtonic say offers,

a taste of the platforming mechanics set to appear in the full game in a self-contained, spoiler free sandbox.”

Better get on with enjoying that then! Let us know if you’ll be picking this up in April.

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