Adventures In Stardew Valley : 1 – Welcome To Flumple Farm

The first part of our new series exploring sunny Stardew Valley

So, my adventure in Stardew Valley begins the same way countless farming simulators begin, with the death of a relative.  After opening a letter from my deceased Grandpa I found I’d inherited a small house in a tranquil valley away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Seems awfully convenient, but nobody of my generation is going to turn down the offer of a free house, so time to start my new life in Stardew Valley, I guess.

Once I’d designed my scruffy but lovable hipster version of ‘Where’s Wally’ I was ready to explore my new home. It’s pretty small, and made predominantly of old wood, but I think I could make a good go of it here! I spend my first few days in the valley, throwing my axe on the floor and trying to make friends with the locals…it’s a slow start, but great oak trees don’t grow in a day and all that (actually it takes about a week). Once I’ve got the hang of the slightly clunky controls, I start to feel more at home on Flumple Farm. I’m planting parsnips and tilling the land like a right old Jethro Tull…you might need to Google him, it’s not easy to come up with famous farming references.  

Stardew Valley Fishing
Fishing is a lonely pursuit

As the spring days flew by I started to expand my repertoire of skills, the local salty sea-dog gave me the customary beginner’s fishing rod, very kind of him, and the rough and ready adventurer gave me the ubiquitous rusty beginner’s sword, look at me go. I gave up on fishing very quickly with only a 1 inch sardine to show for my efforts, and there had been no sign of any rogue monsters attacking my parsnip crops, so my sword remained firmly sheathed in my remarkably large pockets.

I woke up on the 7th morning to find that my storage chest had become haunted…which certainly put a downer on the morning. The day didn’t get much better. I got insulted for having plastic shoes and met an apple ghost that kept running away from me. My self esteem was really taking a hit today.

Stardew Valley Apple Ghost
I see you apple ghost

Tuesday, however, was a new day and my luck finally started to change. I harvested a bumper crop of parsnips, netting me a cool 500g. I found a fossil and donated it to the local library, sure to score me some archaeological kudos with the locals, and a met a friendly wizard called Rasmodius who somehow imbued me with the power to be…err…one with the forest? Or something along those lines, he wasn’t the most coherent chap.

Before I knew it spring was already halfway through and I feel like I’ve only scratched the surface of what Stardew Valley has to offer. Look forward to part 2 coming soon, where there may be cauliflower ahead, I might get some new shoes, and my self esteem will likely take some more beatings from cold-hearted locals, I can’t wait.

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