Pokemon Go Gets Long Awaited Christmas Update

Will the Christmas update breathe new life into Pokemon Go? 

Pokemon Go creators Niantic have finally revealed information on the games much anticipated Christmas update. For the first time, baby Pokemon from the second generation of classic Gameboy games have been released into the wild, with users already finding the elusive creatures hatching from 2k, 5k and 10k eggs.  Niantic have also confirmed that a Christmas themed Pikachu is now available to catch, complete with a rather fetching festive hat.  This might not have been the full update fans were hoping for, however Niantic has promised to release more Pokemon from generation 2 over the coming months. That means you Sudowoodo, we’re coming for you.   

Reception for this latest update has certainly been mixed, with many expressing their disappointment after weeks of leaks and teases pointing to a fully fledged release of 100 new Pokemon into the game. This certainly does feel like a step down from some of Niantic’s previous seasonal offerings, such as the widely praised Halloween event, which offered players double XP as well as extra stardust, candies and more ghost Pokemon to catch.  However this is just the first update of many over the coming months and Niantic are likely to up their offerings in future updates. 

If this update is enough to bring back the millions of players that enjoyed Pokemon Go’s addictive game play loops remains to be seen, what we do know though, is that we can’t wait to get back into the wild and fill our Pokedex up with as many Christmas hat Pikachu as we can catch!

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