Nintendo confirm SNES Classic Mini Edition

The SNES Classic Mini might fit in your palm, but will you actually be able to get your hands on one?

Nintendo have announced their date of disappointment as September 29th. I say disappointment, because these wonderful, diminutive console editions are such a fantastic idea – great for the fans, perfect for nostalgia, ideal for those who don’t want an expensive, bulky powerhouse lying around – and that makes it only more frustrating that, almost inevitably, Nintendo seems to be making the same mistakes over and over again regarding stock levels.

The SNES classic was announced just a couple of days ago, with Europe and Japan getting the far more beautiful (and less purple) curvy model, and North America lumbered with the pointy grey box that only a mother could love, and the launch price is a very reasonable £59.99rrp in the UK, including 2 control pads, 21 games (more on those below) and an HDMI cable.

The problem is, likely very few customers will get it for that price. Pre-orders are disconcertingly sold out already on the major websites, and we’ve heard all the promises of “more stock” time and time again with Amiibo, Switch, NES Mini and more. You only have to check online to see that the NES Mini, which released last year at £50rrp, is selling for more than double that figure in many places. If you’re considering a purchase and you see a pre-order available, go for it!

On the one hand, we have to applaud the decision to bring these old beasts back in such a lovely, usable form, packed with great games, but on the other hand, with such perennial blunders the company only furthers its reputation for not being a serious player anymore, leaving as many fans feeling let-down as satisfied.

I hope that early fears of crippling stock problems are swiftly put to bed, but you would have to say it would take a huge turnaround from Nintendo to prove that they can actually pull off this launch in September, and hit some positive notes with fans and media alike.

In the meantime, check out the awesome game selection (Star Fox 2 is finally coming out, and we’re thrilled by the prospect of Mario Kart Super Circuit, F-Zero, Earthbound, Donkey Kong Country and many more!) by going to the official site here:

She’s a beaut!

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