Merry Christmas from Sprite Nation!

On this cold December day, we at Sprite Nation would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Once you’ve unwrapped all your presents and stuffed yourself with turkey, you might want to sit back and relax on the sofa and stick a good video game on for the rest of the day, or at least until your ‘dessert stomach’ has made room for all of that chocolate that’s looking longingly at you.
We’ve come up with a few ideas for an appropriate Christmas themed gaming session, and perhaps eschewed some of the more obvious choices in order to dig out some old, forgotten gaming gifts…
Snowboard Kids – N64
Snowboard Kids
Yep, what could be better than Mario Kart mixed with snowy mountains and ski-lifts? It was always a bit pointy, not the prettiest of 64 games, but for local multi-player madness this one with up there with the very finest. The comical weaponry, catchy midi-tunes and that ‘one at a time’ ski-lift make for some tightly condensed, expletive laden racing, and stumbling over the line in first place after a grueling battle is a great way to establish the family pecking order on Christmas day. IN YOUR FACE, LOVING FAMILY!
Red Dead Redemption – PS3 / X360

Red Dead
Slightly out of the left-field, Red Dead is a great festive choice for a gaming session at this season. As the game’s wonderfully engaging story reaches its final throes, the deserts of New Austin receive a dusting of the white stuff, and a freezing Western shoot-out up in Tall Trees (or just getting chased by a ruddy great bear as you sprint through knee deep snow in the woods) is a veritable Christmas feast of entertainment. Any excuse is good enough to get this one back out, but playing it today would be an appropriate substitute for those black and white Western films on TV that your family leave on in the background over the holidays. Highly recommended, and oh so gorgeous, even on older hardware.
We Love Katamari / Katamari Forever – PS2 / PS3

Now for straight-up festive fun, just roll on over to the Snowman Planet level of Katamari! It’s as delightfully mental as all of the game’s levels, but this one revels in rolling a massive snowball full of skiers and Christmas trees, candy canes and, err, dogs on sledges. Yep, it’s as fun as it sounds, and Katamari is essentially a game all about making snowballs anyway, so it’s perfect! If it’s not snowy where you are, let this one melt your heart with its insane Japanese charm.

Let us know which games you unwrapped today, and what you’ll be playing over the holidays – have fun!

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