How to go on after finishing Zelda: Breath of the Wild

In life, well that’s tough… In Zelda? There’s probably still some more enjoyment you can wring from your Ancient Cuirass; here’s how.

In the few months since its release, other great games have come along as contenders to replace Zelda, but as lovely as Horizon: Zero Dawn is, as much as I want to play Yooka-Laylee, the Switch is still firmly attached to either my TV or my hands, and let’s face it, “played for a few minutes” is something everyone’s Switch says for all games except the big Z. But well over 100 hours later, the story is pretty much done… so what happens now? It’s one of the deep, philosophical quandaries of our age, ‘How does one go on after completing the story of the almost unfathomably great Breath of the Wild?’

Equip some Ancient Arrows and wreak revenge on those pesky Guardians!

First things first, you might want to wrap up the remaining shrines from the 120 on offer. Initially, Zelda: BotW offers up these glimmers of orange light to be found one after another, but by the time you’re strong enough to head to Hyrule Castle, they’re a much trickier proposition. Remember that Sheikah Sensor that you turned off after it was introduced? Well now is the perfect time to get acquainted with it again! Exploring the vast surrounds of Hyrule gets even better when that infernal beeping tells you that you’re getting warmer…

That goes hand in hand with the next idea, too. You might well have already been taken in by the visual wonders of the world in front of your very eyes, but make sure to take some time to study the map in detail, too. Even after tonnes of hours of gameplay there are likely to be new nooks and crannies to discover. Zoom in and look for bodies of water, or interesting contours and shapes on the map, and especially areas with no shrines or Korok seeds found so far. The game knows that exploration is everything, and you’ll almost certainly be rewarded with something cool if you try to make your map look a little busier, and getting there is half the fun anyway.

Head back to the towns and stables, too. With a little hunting you’ll find places where you can spend your collectables on custom coloured outfits, or adorn your favourite horsey with a fancy mane and saddle, and when you’re riding a purple “my little pony” around Hyrule in an orange jump suit, well… you’re bound to feel accomplished, and if you regret your choices in the end, you’ll be thankful that there are even loads of cool extra outfits to discover around Hyrule.

Not sure what else to do? Invent new ways of dispatching enemies!

It may seem obvious, but if you’re anything like me, your side quest log will also offer plenty of ways for you to extend the game’s appeal. The shrine quests may be all over, but there are some glorious side quests to go through, particularly the lengthy one that unfolds after you meet the flamboyant carpenters in Hateno Village, which is worthy of more than just it’s “side quest” status.

From collecting all those Korok seeds to photographing EVERYTHING, there are so many more ways that Hyrule continues to offer enjoyment to its visitors, so let us know what you’re still enjoying, 2 months after release. It looks like this game will continue to delight, up until the first DLC pack comes our way this summer…

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