Firewatch Hits Huge Sales Milestone

Their watch has most certainly not ended…

It has been announced today that critically acclaimed first person narrative driven game, Firewatch has passed over a million sales.  Developed by the team over at Campo Santo, this is just one in a number of exciting announcements since the game’s release last February.

This announcement follows an exciting year for the indie developers. The game’s success has lead to a partnership with Good Universe for an upcoming movie adaptation of the Firewatch story, and for further gaming/movie collaborations. An exclusive run of physical copies of Firewatch for PS4 are also going to be available this month published by Limited Run Games, but we foresee they’ll be tricky to get your hands on!

Firewatch is a masterful exercise in storytelling, that follows rugged protagonist Henry as he escapes real life for a summer in the wilds of the Wyoming national park fire watchtowers. After discovering some odd goings-on, his summer gets a little more interesting – with the help of his supervisor Delilah. What comes next in a story full of mystery, walkie talkies and unresolved sexual tension. I know the team over here are all itching in their seats to see what Campo Santo have planned next.



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