Fire Emblem Heroes Gears Up for Battle!

Looks set to level up your mobile device in February, coin by coin…

Nintendo delve deeper into the seedy, but highly lucrative world of mobile gaming by adding Fire Emblem Heroes to the mix next month.

Armed with a snazzy trailer in the Fire Emblem Nintendo Direct last week, this touch screen strategy RPG looks like a very interesting proposition, seemingly a “proper mobile game” with an antidote to the high up front cost of Super Mario Run.

It’s out on both Android and iOS on February 2nd, and pre-registration is open now on the Google Play store. The game will be free to download but does include optional micro-transactions as you progress through the game. It’s hard to argue with this model, even though some may be reluctant to go in for it. Remember that Mario Run was slated for NOT doing this, so mobile gamers can’t expect to have it both ways if they want a quality product.

And from what we’ve seen so far, a quality product is what it looks like. It carries the beautiful signature art style of Fire Emblem, with crisp clear character models and rich colourful battle boards, and retains the triangular ‘rock, paper, scissors’ battle advantages, except this time the boards are limited to small 8×6 grids to stay navigable on a phone screen, fair enough.

Do Nintendo have the right mobile strategy?

Where the game really gets interesting is in the random generation of weapons and characters through a system of ‘Orbs’, winnable in-game, or purchasable with real cash of course. Different types of Orbs can be spent to generate cards with fighters or items on them, happily reflecting the types of Orbs that you put in. There’s already a system in place whereby the more Orbs you spend, the cheaper your items will become, hence the clear pull towards micro-transactions.

There will also be timed encounters with Fire Emblem favourites (you can even vote for which heroes you want to see included) and victory against these mercenaries will see them join your band of battlers. Other seasonal events and arena battles suggest that this game will try to keep you hooked long past the February release, and for this writer at least, it looks to be the game that could be Nintendo’s first real mobile “killer app” (sorry).

Game: Fire Emblem Heroes

By: Nintendo

Platform: Android, iOS

Official Site:

Release: February 2nd 2017





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